Quick Study Tips For Board Exams

Quick Study Tips For Board Exams

January 8, 2019 Off By admin

Preparing for critical exams can be stressful as you need to complete your syllabus by effectively utilizing the time. Certain concepts in physics such as Ohm’s Law which includes statement, formula, derivation, and numerical problems are tough but are very important to understand. In this article, some tricks and tips which can help you improve your chances of scoring well in the exam are discussed.

Are you attentive in class?

Make sure to attend all the classes of the day. Whenever you do not understand or find any concept difficult, do not hesitate to ask your doubts to the teacher. Either clarify your doubt during the lecture or immediately after the class. Do not keep the doubts until the next lecture.

Do you take down notes?

Make a habit of writing notes during the lecture about the concepts being taught in the class. Understand the concepts and write them down in a notebook. This will help you remember the concepts in the exam without any confusion.

How frequently you study?

Make sure to not skip your daily homework. It is important to do the homework as it helps you to revise the concepts on a daily basis. Also, you will be confident about the chapters and topics covered in the assignment or homework.

Do you revise the concepts?

Whether you are about to attend a monthly test or a board exam, revision is a must. It plays a crucial role. You can try to solve some sample papers subject wise or chapter-wise exercises given in the textbooks, etc. Trying to solve previous year question papers will help in understanding the question type as well as marks distributed for each question.

Do you take care of your body?

You need to take care of yourself. Avoid eating junk food and concentrate on having healthy food. Consume a lot of water to keep yourself away from dehydration. Do not compromise your sleep by studying for more hours because you need to have a good sleep to have a fresh and stress-free mind. Meditating or exercising daily will also help you keep your mind stress-free.

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