Check Out These 5 Awesome Tips In Choosing A Perfect Cubby House

January 30, 2019 Off By Donald Phillips

If you want to give your child a truly fun option for playing, you should consider a cubby house. This is also called a cubby hole or just cubby and is a tiny place, just perfect for children because they love to play in such small and snug places. As such kids can use even a small shed or tent as their cubby house, but you can get them a well-defined cubby and they would enjoy spending hours there.

Toy time is holding steady, but kids are spending more time on digital.

Kids can play role play or host tea parties for their friends in their cubby. But the options are literally endless and kids can even invent their own new games to play in a cubby house. A plastic cubby house at provides so many options and encourages their ability to explore and imagine.

Nevertheless the many options available in a cubby house makes it a little daunting to find just the right one for your junior and this requires a little research and basic preparations. You can consider many factors such as safety, space available and more. However, you need not worry because you will get whatever you want, thanks to so many options available.

Here are a few tips.

1. Safety

While choosing any toy, safety of your kid should be your prime concern. In case of a cubby house, you can consider an open faced cubby which means you can always keep an eye on your children and they too can see you.

Preferably choose large play areas and strong lines, and no nooks and crannies to reduce the possibility of getting caught and injured. Also choose stairs at a 30-degree angle rather than the regular 45-degree angle to minimise falls.

2. Designs and Colours

When you will consider design for your kid’s cubby house, you will get numerous options. There are unique cottage styles and interesting town houses available. Plus there are so many colours available. As such, every child is different. In addition, you can choose colours as per the gender specifications too, as boys will love colours different from those liked by girls. Better you take your child while selecting her cubby house.

3. Quality

When your child is going to use a thing, quality should be your priority. The materials should be of high quality and the construction should be perfect. One of the best options to consider is Australian timber. They are designed to be durable and sturdy, and so, are perfect for any outdoor space and environmental conditions.

A cheaper alternative to timber cubby houses is plastic cubbies. They too provide a lot of fun to children while staying within a budget. However, they are not as durable as wooden cubbies and can get damaged due to weather elements.

4. Size

The cubby you are considering should be of appropriate size for your child’s age. Also you should consider its location while choosing the size. Measure the space available and think on which size would fit in the best.

If you are going to set the cubby in your backyard, you won’t certainly want it to take most of the space in your garden, neither would you want a too small cubby that your kid may not enjoy. So, first decide the location and space in that location where you would like to erect the cubby house.

Play is really the work of childhood.

5. Add-ons

You can make fun additions to your kid’s cubby house such as swings, slides, curtains, toy furniture, toy kitchen, and even purchasing pedal cars for kids at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, for example, parked outside your kid’s own house.

Consider these points and your kid will have the most enjoyable cubby house which she will be proud of!