What Is the Right Way to Use Revolution for Cats

What Is the Right Way to Use Revolution for Cats

February 25, 2019 Off By Clare Louise

Owning a pet comes with big responsibilities. Dogs and Cats are the most common pets which are owned by the people over the globe. It’s important to keep them healthy, for that you need to take care of behaviour changes.

There are various diseases that can affect your pet; some of them can even lead to death. Fleas are considered to harm your pet. The fleas give birth to larva on the pet’s skin that creates numerous parasite problems like heartworm. With the passage of time, the heartworm damages the lungs and ends with the pet’s death. Revolution for cats is highly considered to cure the parasite problems in your pet. But what is the right way to use revolution for your cats? Let’s find out.

Before we understand the application of Revolution, you should know where you can use this medicine.

You can use it for cats above 8 weeks of age. In terms of dosage, you should take the vet prescription and follow the instructions as provided.

Now coming to the point, below is the way that you should consider for applying revolution on the cat’s skin.

Before applying the revolution to the cat, make sure the cat is dry and doesn’t have any broken skin. Revolution contains alcohol that can create irritation to the broken skin. Wherever you want to apply the revolution on your cat, you should clean the surface and dry the surface.

Also, at the time of applying the solution, you should use protective gloves that will help you keep safe and protective from the direct contact with the solution. Those who are prescribed to use the revolution for your pet already know that the solution is made available in form of a tube as per your cat’s weight.

Now when you start applying the solution, you should take the solution on your fingers and apply the solution right on the skin. Continue applying the tube until it becomes empty. Make sure you have applied the solution to the whole body. If you have more pets, follow the same process on all of them.

After you successfully applied the solution, it’s time to clean your hands after you have completely applied the revolution on the skin. Here you should keep in mind not to rub the revolution until 2 hours. If you have left with some revolution tubes, keep them in a safe place so that it can be continued for the next time.

Also, keep the surrounding of your pet clean that will help your cat to stay safe from various parasite attacks as well as common health issues. There are some important points related to the revolution that you all should know before using it for your cat.

  •    The revolution takes about 48 hours to show results. Hence you can see its effectiveness after 48 hours.
  •    This solution must be used every four weeks. But even if you are using it within four weeks, you should make sure not to use it within 14 days, as it will cause side effects to your pet.