Three Top Tier Options for Office Chairs

Three Top Tier Options for Office Chairs

April 13, 2019 Off By admin

If quality and professionalism are crucial to a company, office furniture plays a large role in keeping up appearances and morale. For many employees, an office chair gets a lot of use throughout the work day. That means investing in a good chair is an investment in the employee, and that gets noticed by workers. These three top tier options for office chairs are a great place to start the search for stylish, ergonomic seating solutions for the workplace. To kick things off, Autonomous offers a great option for ergonomic seating that puts out the right image for clients and competition alike.

Autonomous MyoChair

The MyoChair from Autonomous is one of many great products from this up and coming ecommerce retailer. By maximizing adjustable features for comfort with a great manufactured chair designed to keep every inch of the body supported, the MyoChair has it all. The materials that make up Autonomous products come from all over the globe thanks to the innovative minds creating these ergonomic office solutions. The design of the MyoChair is simplistic at a glance, but sleek as each feature emerges during careful speculation.

The MyoChair features a headrest and leg rest that can be detached if the look is too modern for some workplaces. This amount of options for design customization allows each office to decide what is wanted out of the office chair. Autonomous makes it easy for every manager or employee to make the MyoChair feel like a customized seat. Shop the full line of Autonomous products at

Smugdesk 1388 Tall Office Chair

This option is an extremely comfortable chair from the brand Smugdesk. This option is styled as a drafting chair with a mesh back to promote Air circulation. This type of material ensures comfort by allowing workers to sit cozily for long hours. Included with the chair is a great feature for  lumbar support that helps prevent back strain and muscle fatigue. On a long day, that absolutely comes in handy.

The tall table chair outline of the 1388 Tall Office Chair swivels at a full 360 degrees for full reach around the outskirts of a desk or work area. The 1388’s range of motion allows workers to sit comfortable in a suitable position in order to improve overall posture and physical health while working. The durable nylon base of the chair is a heavy duty design that makes the work day feel effortless. Shop Smugdesk for the 1388 and other products.

Pitstop Furniture GP1000S GT Office Chair

The PitStop Furniture GT office chair feels like a bucket seat in a race car. The design is a bit more modern and unique than traditional office seating, but the comfort and support is as impressive as any option for the office. Settle in and enjoy the comfort of the bolstered chair with tire-embossed, padded armrests for keeping fatigue far away from the office. The armrests are height adjustable to accommodate every user as well. A billet-aluminum shift knob allows employees to control the chair’s four ergonomic settings with ease. A suspension spring and brake caliper kit plus a durable 26-inch wide track aluminum alloy base bring race car style to the high performance PitStop GT office chair.

Five styled racing wheels give the chair effortless mobility around a workstation as well. The PitStop GT office chair was designed by European custom automotive accessories designer Henri Lenterman, who makes chairs for professional racers. That may make this seem like a silly option for the office, but some want the comfort and style that the PitStop has to offer. Plus, all PitStop Furniture has a lifetime warranty.

These three options are great for every office, and can be purchased online!