Skinsmarket money guarantee

Skinsmarket money guarantee

November 9, 2018 Off By Danny White

Skinsmarket is an automated platform and therefore we take the risks associated with potential errors in the operation of the system. For example, if a bot is banned, after the user makes an exchange, the transaction will be considered valid in this case, the money will still be credited to your account!

We guarantee the reliability of each operation. Forget about the excitement and waiting for the receipt of funds during the sale of things, Skinsmarket is ready to quickly buy skins, and you can immediately withdraw cash.

How is skin cost determined on Skinsmarket?

The skin price is adjusted depending on the current price on the Marketplace. There are items that are priced individually. For example, in the sale of some things cs go commission is not more than 20%.

All payments are carried out without interest and commissions. * You receive money for your items immediately to any convenient payment system. Skinsmarket buys all weapons, more expensive than the equivalent of $ 1.

Prices are updated every 15 minutes; stay tuned and sell skins CS GO at the best possible price. We do our best to make our clients profit and be satisfied.

* The standard cost for the payment of PayPal will be applied to the withdrawal amount.

Selling skins CS: GO how to do it correctly and safely?

Skins in CS GO have long been almost the most important factor in the game and almost every gamer at least once asked himself the question: how to sell skins CS GO for real without leaving home. Nevertheless, in order to push your gear, you need to take it somewhere to begin with. Let us find out how to get skins in CS GO for their further sale.

How to get skins in CS GO

Those who play CS GO know that after the match there is a chance that a thing will fall out. The player can sometimes get as usual consumer goods, and the cherished Dragon Lore.

There is also the option of buying clothes for real money on third-party sites. There are many of such sites on the Internet: starting from marketplaces, where people themselves put up a price for gear to ordinary roulettes. In the latter, sometimes a really cool drop falls out.

In the end, the skin can be won in various interesting sweepstakes, which are carried out by the same marketplace or YouTube. The latter often spend giveaway in their own channels or in social networks.

Options for how to get a lot of skins, but how to sell all the CS GO skins profitably still need to learn. There are also several ways, but not all of them are good and not all will bring the maximum benefit from the transaction. That is why if someone wants to recount bills in his hands very soon, sipping juice in his apartment, then go to the Skinsmarket website.


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