10 facts about Mortgage Company that will make you think twice.

10 facts about Mortgage Company that will make you think twice.

November 20, 2018 Off By Clare Louise

A mortgage is the biggest debt any individual will ever carry, and a resident or real estate is the most expensive purchase we will ever make.

There are several mistakes people used to do during mortgage, which can cause you to pay more than you need to, prevent your loan from closing.

Sun West Mortgage Company which is a mortgage company for the residential and commercial property is also not free from the drawbacks. It also makes people think twice before choosing it as a mortgage company.

Some of the noticeable facts.

  1. 1. Paying more than borrowed– Mortgage loans always come with an interest. You have to pay the principal amount and the interest together when you pay back.
  2. High-interest rate- High-interest rates always go against the buyers. In case if you are in an urgent need of the loans you have to overlook the high-interest rate on mortgage loans.
  3. Extra charges- There are many extra charges such as insurance fees, legal fees etc. that the borrower has to pay apart from interest.
  4. High interest for variable rate mortgage- The interest rate for variable rate mortgage changes periodically. In the beginning, the interest rate is lesser which largely attracts the borrower but later the interest rate goes up.
  5. Loss of property value- Every property keeps on changing their value because of the market fluctuation. So this makes people unable to pay the installment due to the increase in variable rate mortgages.
  6. Unsecured loans– If you are unable to pay back the loan taken with the interest then people could lose their property just because the loans are secured against the property.
  7. Debt- You are actually taking on debt in place of a mortgage. You are promising to pay back the amount taken as a loan along with the interest.
  8. Sizeable fees- Many brokers charge sizeable fees from the borrowers than they receive from the lenders.
  9. High commission- Many brokers develop a relationship with those lenders who pays highest commissions.
  10. Terms and Policies- Many mortgage companies do not offer good terms and policies to its clients which becomes unattractive to many clients.

These are the 10 facts about Sun West Mortgage Company that makes people think twice before choosing a mortgage company.